10 Things a Billing Service Should Provide Your Practice

Aesthetic Society News – Summer 2016
by Karen Zupko, President

Last week, a plastic surgeon from Tennessee called. He outsources his bill six months ago and asked which reports the service should send him each month. To date, he had not received any reports, and cash flow was slow.

A client with a blended reconstructive and aesthetic practice engages a billing service that uses different software than the practice. A great deal of faxing, Federal Expressing and mailing is necessary to file claims. If staff have a question about a claim status or balance, they must call or email the billing service because they have no access to patient accounts. The billing service does not provide a computer-generated aged accounts receivable (A/R) report by payer, nor one that details patient and insurance carrier balances. The practice can’t get a detailed adjustment report-only the monthly total-and past due account status updates are non-existent.

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