5 Qualities of Superstar Practice Managers

5 Qualities of Superstar Practice Managers
Physicians Practice – April 2018

There is a significant opportunity in the U.S. for business-minded professionals to have a rewarding career in healthcare as practice managers.

As in any profession, there are average managers who do an adequate job. And then there are the superstars—the managers who care deeply, work fervently, and deliver results time and time again.

So what sets these managers apart from others? What is the “secret sauce” to getting ahead as a practice manager? Let’s talk about five qualities superstar managers possess.

1. Superstar managers excel at the core responsibilities.

Before practice managers can stand out as exceptional, they must first master the core functions of a medical practice. This includes: expertly managing the revenue cycle, financials, human resources, clinic operations, risk management, and compliance. Many of these skills are learned in the field, and some can be enhanced with resources and educational opportunities from organizations like the Medical Group Management Association or specialty societies.

In the quest of mastering the fundamentals, the successful practice manager never says, “That’s not my job.” He or she must be willing to step into virtually any role when needed. Or, in the instance of being asked to handle a situation beyond the manager’s scope or expertise, he or she is resourceful, researching the issue and contacting trusted advisors or experts for guidance. The physicians rely on the manager to handle the problems, big or small.

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