7 Ways to Modernize Business Writing Mechanics

7 Ways to Modernize Business Writing Mechanics
Medical Office Manager – 2019 
by Cheryl Toth

You don’t need a degree in English to write professional-looking business documents. Here are seven things that add polish to business writing prose.

1. Use standard business fonts.

I’m all about creativity. But don’t get creative when it comes to business fonts. Stick to Arial or Times New Roman. If the organization you’re writing to or for is on the conservative side (hospital, state medical board, journal publisher), Times New Roman is the best bet.

I’ve noticed Calibri and Cambria creeping into business documents lately, but I suggest sticking with the classics. And for sure avoid novelty fonts such as Comic Sans, Papyrus, or any of those scripted fonts in your font pick list. Not only are they harder to read, they can make business documents look unprofessional and naive.

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