Achilles Tendon Debridement/Debulking

Achilles Tendon Debridement/Debulking

December 16, 2021

Our surgeon took a patient to the OR for secondary repair of an Achilles tendon tear. He found that the tear was essentially gone and the tissue was very scarred. He performed a debridement and debulking of the scarred tissue. Is this reported with CPT code 11044 or 27654?

Thanks for your inquiry. Based on the information you provided, and according to a CPT Assistant article published in April 2020, the correct code is 27654 Repair, secondary, Achilles tendon, with or without graft

CPT code 11044 describes debridement to and including bone. CPT code 11044 would be incorrect for two reasons: 1) bone was not debrided and 2) the CPT Assistant directs the surgeon to use 27654.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 12/16/21.





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