Are You Posting Discounts Right?

Are You Posting Discounts Right?

October 16, 2018

Many aesthetic practices we visit do not. To verify that you are posting correctly, review these three essentials for posting discounts:

1. Post the full, standard charge for the code or service being discounted.

Never change the fee. When you change the fee, you lose the ability to track the true value of what you discounted or gave away. And, even if the service is complimentary, post the full charge to record the value of the service provided.

2. Post the discount amount against the full charge.

3. Make sure the discount category is granular.

Discounting to “Special Offer” says nothing about whether the offer was for laser services, a breast augmentation deal extended to a targeted group as an incentive to schedule, or a spring special on neurotoxins. Using these as examples, the discount categories could be created as:
– Laser Promo – Nov 2018
– Vaginal Rejuvenation – Sept 2018
– Spring Neurotoxin Special – Mar 2017
This level of detail allows you to track the cost and value of each promotional campaign. Review the discount/adjustment report monthly or quarterly, to monitor how much is being discounted, for each discount code.
Here’s how to post common discounts and promotions into the computer system.
Code Fee 2018 Spring Promo Payment
Cool Sculpting $950 ($150) $800


Code Fee Service Recovery* Payment
Consult $125 ($125) $0


*Use when the patient waited more than 30 minutes beyond the scheduled appointment time or had an otherwise poor service experience.


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