Arthroscopy Coding for Major Joints – Knee

Michael R. Marks, MD, MBA

Arthroscopy Coding for Major Joints – Knee

AAOS Now – February 2018
By: Michael R. Marks, MD, MBA

When the American Medical Association (AMA) published the first edition of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) to standardize surgical procedure terminology and reporting, modern arthroscopy was in its infancy and no CPT code described it. As the number of arthroscopies for knee, shoulder, and hip conditions has exploded during the past few decades, CPT has attempted to address the reporting needs of these procedures. However, the constant clinical and technological advances, and the fact that CPT is only updated annually, have resulted in codes that lag behind common techniques. This scenario, in turn, has generated a good deal of confusion among surgeons and coders about how to correctly report and bill for these services.

The next CPT code changes to arthroscopic codes are scheduled for January 2019. To ensure correct coding until then, AAOS Now will present essentials for coding the most common arthroscopy codes. This month focuses on the knee; subsequent issues will feature shoulder and hip codes.

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