Barbotage Procedure

Barbotage Procedure

August 19, 2021

We recently employed a new sports medicine physician and met with her about the type of procedures she will be performing in the office. We are comfortable with most of them but have never heard of the Barbotage Procedure. She describes it as performed under ultrasound guidance and uses a needling technique to break up calcium deposits in the tendon which are then aspirated back if possible. She says the diagnosis is almost always calcific tendinosis. Are you able to advise us on coding for this procedure?

Thank you for your inquiry about this new procedure to your office. The recommendation is to report the Barbotage procedure with an unlisted CPT code based on the anatomic area treated. You may choose to report 76942 for the US guidance separately or include this work in the unlisted code for the procedure and not create a separate fee.

Work with your physician to determine the best comparison code

KZA recommends obtaining prior authorization for private payors as well as implementing a waiver for private payors or ABN, as appropriate for Medicare.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 08/19/21.



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