Billing a Cholangiogram with ICG Dye

Billing a Cholangiogram with ICG Dye

August 17, 2023

Can I report code 47563 when indocyanine green (ICG) dye is injected and then I use minimally invasive fluorescent imaging to view structures during dissection?

No, it would not be correct to report code 47563 for this clinical scenario. Instead report code 47562, Laparoscopy, surgical; cholecystectomy. Although evaluation using fluorescent imaging may help to visualize structures, it does not confidently demonstrate choledocholithiasis, show the intrahepatic branches or see drainage into the duodenum like a traditional cholangiogram. It also does not include the additional work inherent to code 47563, including placement of a cholangio catheter, injection of radiographic contrast material while viewing the imaging monitor or review of plane films placed under the patient and exposed.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 08/17/23.




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