Botox for Migraine Headaches

Botox for Migraine Headaches

July 25, 2019

When you inject Botox for migraine headaches, can you bill the injection code more than one time? We normally go about this as a cosmetic procedure, but I just wanted to look into this to see if I could bill out CPT code 64615 for each muscle group that is injected?

The CPT language is very clear that all four muscle groups, on both sides, must be injected for a total of 8 injections. CPT 64615 states Chemodenervation of muscle(s); muscle(s) innervated by facial, trigeminal, cervical spinal and accessory nerves, bilateral (eg, for chronic migraine).  In your scenario, you will use 64615 and bill as 1 unit.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 07/25/19.



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