Capturing Casual Conversations for Cash

Aesthetic Society News — Fall 2018
by Karen Zupko, President

Potentially thousands of non-surgical revenue dollars are walking out your door every day.

Consider this: Keely Smith is in for a consultation about a blepharoplasty. At the end of the consult, she says to the surgeon, “Tell me about this CoolSculpting. I picked up the brochure when I was in the waiting room. Do you think it will help with this?” she says as she pinches the skin on her upper arms.

The surgeon, eager to stay on schedule, says, “Sure, ask Caroline at the front desk, she can tell you more.”

Keely meets with the patient care coordinator and receives a surgical quote but mentions nothing about the CoolSculpting because at this point she is focused again on her eyes. Says she must discuss scheduling dates with her mother, so someone is on “kid duty” after the procedure.

Caroline at the front desk collects Keely’s consult fee and waves good-bye. Which is what the practice might as well do to the CoolSculpting revenue, now that Keely is out the door without details or pricing. And most likely, none of the staff have scheduled a reminder to follow up with her-they didn’t know she was interested.

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