Category III Codes Effective July 1, 2022

Category III Codes Effective July 1, 2022

June 30, 2022

I  heard someone say the 2022 CPT manual will be updated in July with new codes. I have never heard of this before. Is this a rumor or will there be a new CPT Manual released in July?


No, there will not be any changes to the 2022 AMA CPT Manual in July.

The following AMA Category III Codes become effective July 1, 2022 and will be identified as new codes in CPT 2023.

Beginning July 1, report the Category III code when appropriate, in place of an unlisted code.

Category III Code Description Effective Date CPT Publication
Ÿ0717T Autologous adipose-derived regenerative cell (ADRC) therapy for partial thickness rotator cuff tear; adipose tissue harvesting, isolation and preparation of harvested cells, including incubation with cell dissociation enzymes, filtration, washing and concentration of ADRCs



Ø (Do not report 0717T in conjunction with 15769, 15771, 15772, 15773, 15774, 15876, 15877, 15878, 15879, 20610, 20611, 76942, 77002, 0232T, 0481T, 0489T, 0565T) ×

7/1/2022 1/1/2023

injection into supraspinatus tendon including ultrasound guidance, unilateral



Ø (Do not report 0718T in conjunction with 20610, 20611, 76942, 77002, 0232T, 0481T, 0490T, 0566T)×

7/1/2022 1/1/2023
Ÿ0719T Posterior vertebral joint replacement, including bilateral facetectomy, laminectomy, and radical discectomy, including imaging guidance, lumbar spine, single segment



Ø (Do not report 0719T in conjunction with 22840, 63005, 63012, 63017, 63030, 63042, 63047, 63056, 76000, 76496) ×

7/1/2022 1/1/2023
Ÿ0720T Percutaneous electrical nerve field stimulation, cranial nerves, without implantation 7/1/2022 1/1/2023
Ÿ0737T Xenograft implantation into the articular surface


Ø (Use 0737T once per joint) ×

Ø (Do not report 0737T in conjunction with 27415, 27416) ×

7/1/2022 1/1/2023

*This response is based on the best information available as of 06/30/22.





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