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The Details of Denials Matter

AAOSNow – Winter 2023 by Karen Zupko It is interesting how orthopaedic surgeons react when they see a denial report for the first time. They often react first with surprise, followed by a perplexed question: “Why didn’t anyone inform me about this earlier?” Download Full Article


Simple Patient Financing Solutions for Maximizing Treatments

Aesthetic Society News – Fall 2022 by Karen Zupko Many aesthetic practices and spas we work with offer patient financing—but you’d never know it. Either there’s nothing mentioned on the Web site or it’s like an Easter egg hunt to find the information. When scheduling, patients raising concerns or questions about fees—are rarely told that financing...


CMS Updates Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Billing

AAOSNow – May 2022 by Sarah Wiskerchen In January, CMS introduced guideline changes to its Medicare reporting rules that impact PA/NP billing. These changes could require practices to modify how they report split/shared services. Previously, shared services were frequently reported in the name of a physician. Now, new rules determine who can report the services....


Three Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in a Remote Workplace

Three Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in a Remote Workplace Physicians Practice – April 2020  by Amy Anderson Engaged employees are passionate about their work and committed to the practice and the physician(s). An engaged staff leads to happy patients. And while it’s always been important under “normal” conditions, engaging employees is even more crucial...


Tips for Delivering Feedback Based on Brain Science

Tips for Delivering Feedback Based on Brain Science Physicians Practice – February 2020  by Cheryl Toth Giving staff feedback can strike fear in the heart of many practice managers. It’s uncomfortable. For some, it feels confrontational. Which is probably why Gallup data show that nearly half (47 percent) of employees say they received feedback from...


5 Questions Every Older Physician Should Ask Themselves

5 Questions Every Older Physician Should Ask Themselves Physicians Practice – November 2019  by Karen Zupko Realistically, how long can I plan to keep practicing? A 62-year-old client said she planned to practice medicine 10 more years. This probably isn’t realistic. Often, saying 5 or 10 more years is an easy and round-numbered way of...


What I Learned in Miami at The Aesthetic Meeting 2021: News You Can Use

Aesthetic Society News – Summer 2021 by Karen Zupko  In 2020, 40 years of traveling weekly came to an abrupt halt along with onsite client consulting and participating in medical meetings. Attending The Aesthetic Meeting 2021 was the perfect “coming out party,” and I had a full schedule of panels to moderate and workshops to teach....


Touchpoints of Impression—Seven Areas to Sweat the Small Stuff

Aesthetic Society News – Winter 2021 by Karen Zupko and Isabel Bolt What keeps plastic surgeons up at night? Most would say Google rankings. Visibility. Clicks. Considerable amounts of time and money are spent to boost these metrics. No one will argue that a strong SEO is imperative, but you might be surprised how little that...

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