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Bilateral Procedures

Our current billing service is using the 50 modifier when we indicate that it is a bilateral procedure for tubes and sinus procedures. However, they are doubling the amount charged when billing for tubes (69436-50) but not for the sinuses. Can you advise me of the proper way for this to be billed?


Approach to Pituitary Tumor

I am with Otolaryngology and one of our Physicians has done a case with a Neurosurgeon. I need some advice regarding coding. They did a transsphenoidal pituitary tumor together where our physician opened and assisted the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon did 61548 and our physician said he did 30520, 31287-50, 31240-LT, and 30930. Please advise on the best way to bill.


Follow-up Cerumen Impact E/M Visit

A new patient only came in for an ear cleaning and I only billed for an ear cleaning (even though I do open a new chart for this patient) because there wasn’t really another diagnosis to support an E/M code. When the same patient comes back for a visit for sinusitis, do I now get to bill a new patient code (9920x)?

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