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Getting Ready for ICD-10-CM

In an effort to help you get ready for ICD-10-CM implementation on October 1, 2015, we will answer some diagnosis coding questions in future editions of the Coding Coach. Watch our ICD-10-CM webinars, such as Teri Romano's upcoming "ICD-10 Training for Non-Traumatic Spine Disorders: Disc, Stenosis, and More!!" on July 7th.


CPT or HCPCS Tool?

We have recruited a new hand surgeon and she frequently applies aluminum finger splints which are molded by the surgeon or her medical assistant. Can we report CPT code 29130 for the application and molding of this splint?


Nasal Sinal Displacement Therapy

After bilateral endoscopic sinus surgery is completed, my doctor documents “the patient then underwent bilateral nasal sinal displacement therapy and all bloody secretions and mucoid secretions were clear.” He wants to bill 30210-50 (Displacement therapy (Proetz type)) in addition to the endoscopic sinus surgery codes. Is that acceptable?


22633 with 22610

I’m trying to figure out how to code a procedure for precertification. My neurosurgeon said she’s going to do a T10-S1 fusion. She’s doing a combined interbody and posterolateral fusion (22633) at L4-L5 and posterolateral fusions at all the other levels. Do I code 22610 for the thoracic fusion with modifier 59 along with 22633 (L4-L5, combined fusions) and 22614 x 6 units for the other levels?


Medicare Incident-To Billing Rules

We have a new PA in our office and we want to make sure we are billing correctly when we bill for his services Incident-To the physician. Am I correct to assume that when a new Medicare patient is seen in our office that the physician has to see the patient, examine the patient, and develop the plan of care him or her, and, on the next visit, the PA can implement the plan of care and bill Incident-To assuming the physician or another supervising physician is in the office?

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