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Merging Practice and Patients

We recently had a surgeon merge his practice with ours. Can I bill his patients as new (99201-99205) when they are seeing the same physician but he has joined/merged with our practice? We will be billing using our tax ID/NPI number. They have seen him previously under his old tax ID/NPI.


Cast Changes During the Global Period

We have not been billing for cast changes during the global period, but have recently been told we should be reporting this service. In our orthopedic physician practice, on occasion a patient will require a cast change (for various reasons). If the physician orders the cast change and is present in the office during the cast change by our cast technician, can we bill Medicare during the 90-day global period?


Tumor Embolization

I embolized a neck tumor through two separate arteries (the right inferior thyroid artery as well as the left inferior thyroid artery). Do I code 61626 once or twice? Also, I performed follow-up angiography twice so can I bill 75898-26 x 2 or just once?

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