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Suture Removal

Our surgeon saw a patient in the ER for a fracture and reported the global fracture code. The ER physician had repaired a separate wound laceration at a different site prior to our surgeon arriving in the ER. The patient is now being seen in the office and the surgeon evaluated the wound area, and removed the sutures. Is this reportable? If yes, what CPT code would I use?


LeFort Fracture Repair

Kim, thank you for coming to our practice a few months ago for coding education. You kept everyone’s attention and my partners said they enjoyed the session. I had a coding question and was wondering if you can offer your insight. I have a patient with bilateral LeFort I, II and III fractures which were fixated on each side. Is it appropriate to code for the bilateral LeFort I, II, and III separately or do they need to be coded a different manner?


Reporting the ATT Codes More than Once

I did a large wound closure of the perineum, buttock and testicles with 5 large separate local flaps (v-y, rotation/advancement and rhomboid). The total area of the defect was very large and required five local flaps for closure. I billed for the 5 flaps separately (14301-59 five times). Medicare paid once for 14031. How do I better bill this large repair to get paid?

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