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Dropped Leads, Why They Happen and What to Do About Them

Aesthetic Society News – Winter 2016 by Karen Zupko, President After mystery shopping over 150 aesthetic plastic surgery practices through their websites and by phone, we’ve come up with a pattern of kerplunked leads. Whether the “lead,” (AKA “prospective patient”) calls or writes your office you’ll’ be surprised how many inquiries are not answered or...


Employee Verification

MedEsthetics – November/December 2014 by Karen Zupko Because employees of medical practices and medspas have easy access to patient information, employers must conscientiously verify information provided by applicants. One way to decrease the risk of hiring staff members who may jeopardize patient or practice safety is to perform reference and background checks. Some of the...


Build Better Patient Relationships, Faster, Using the FORD Method

Aesthetic Society News – Fall 2014 by Karen Zupko, President “How long will I have to stop running after surgery?” It’s a simple question that many patients ask. You can choose to give the patient a simple answer, for example, six weeks, and move on to the next topic on your laundry list of risk...


Tighten Cash Handling & Audit Controls: 9 Best Practices That Reduce Embezzlement Risk

Aesthetic Society News – Summer 2014 by Karen Zupko, President A few years ago, we worked with an aesthetic practice whose patients frequently paid in cash. To document the amount collected, the staff made copies of the cash, fanning out the bills to show the dollar amount listed on each, but displaying the serial number...


Make Your Last Impression as Good as Your First: Fine-Tune the Fee Quote

Aesthetic Society News – Spring 2014 by Karen Zupko, President You’ve spent thousands on attractive branding and Web design. You’ve hired a capable team that excels at personalizing the patient experience. Your office decor rivals the Four Seasons. So why on earth would you give your patients a fee quote that looks like that? So...


Hiring Right Makes Your Practice More Profitable and Pleasant

Aesthetic Society News – Winter 2011 by Karen Zupko, President When Lucy showed up for the interview, you thought your prayers were answered. Here was the patient coordinator/office manager candidate you had always envisioned. Actually Lucy’s resume and cover letter caught your attention; they were among the best you’d seen. Well-groomed, articulate with a soothing...

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