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Simple Patient Financing Solutions for Maximizing Treatments

Aesthetic Society News – Fall 2022 by Karen Zupko Many aesthetic practices and spas we work with offer patient financing—but you’d never know it. Either there’s nothing mentioned on the Web site or it’s like an Easter egg hunt to find the information. When scheduling, patients raising concerns or questions about fees—are rarely told that financing...


What I Learned in Miami at The Aesthetic Meeting 2021: News You Can Use

Aesthetic Society News – Summer 2021 by Karen Zupko  In 2020, 40 years of traveling weekly came to an abrupt halt along with onsite client consulting and participating in medical meetings. Attending The Aesthetic Meeting 2021 was the perfect “coming out party,” and I had a full schedule of panels to moderate and workshops to teach....


Touchpoints of Impression—Seven Areas to Sweat the Small Stuff

Aesthetic Society News – Winter 2021 by Karen Zupko and Isabel Bolt What keeps plastic surgeons up at night? Most would say Google rankings. Visibility. Clicks. Considerable amounts of time and money are spent to boost these metrics. No one will argue that a strong SEO is imperative, but you might be surprised how little that...


Leasing 101 for 2021

Aesthetic Society News – Spring 2021  by Karen Zupko The environment in which you practice is part of your brand. It is “home” for the patients you treat and depending upon amenities and location, it can become a strong point of differentiation. Real estate decisions represent a significant opportunity to either secure a “good deal”...


Five Stages of Patient Interaction – Are You Making the Most of Each?

Aesthetic Society News – Fall 2020  by Karen Zupko Suspects. Prospects. First-time patients. Repeat Patients. Advocates. Are your Suspects or Prospects evolving into First-Time patients, and eventually becoming Repeat Patients and Advocates? Ask yourself that question. Then ask your staff. Let’s start with some definitions. A suspect is someone who is in the inquiry phase...


Hiring in 2021? – What to Expect and How to Navigate

Aesthetic Society News – Fall 2021  by Karen Zupko The cover of Barron’s said it best: “Help is NOT on the Way!” Forbes and Wall Street Journal have featured similar articles. In fact, a national survey of 563 organizations conducted by human resource experts found that recruiting and hiring sits at the top of the...


Four Proven Post-Consult Follow Up Techniques

Aesthetic Society News – Summer 2019  by Karen Zupko Turning callers and prospects into scheduled consults is a subject that receives a lot of attention. However, turning consult patients who didn’t book a surgery or treatment at the time of their consult into scheduled surgeries of treatments, receives very little attention at all. Many patient...


Refresh your Referral Building

Physicians Practice – August 22, 2018 by Karen Zupko Years ago, a “good referral” was described using the Three A’s of medicine: Availability, Affability, and Ability. A physician striving to build a successful practice was advised to deliver all three. Managed care contracts and narrow networks temporarily stifled traditional referral building. But the patient rebellion...

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