Co-Surgery Due to Complex Procedure

Co-Surgery Due to Complex Procedure

July 14, 2022

 I have 2 vascular surgeons from the same practice that want to bill co-surgery for a complex open abdominal aneurysm repair. They both performed the same code but say that it should be co-surgery because it was complex and needed both surgeons. Can we bill with modifier -62?

The surgery described does not support the definition of a co-surgery (each surgeon performs distinct work described within the same code) and should be billed as a primary and assistant surgeon. Co-surgery implies two surgeons with a different skill set, each provider performing distinct portions of the case, and each documenting their portion in separate op reports. Also, Medicare and other payors may require that surgeons be of different specialties when billing for co-surgery.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 07/14/22




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