On-Site Coding Education

Let KZA come to you!

Improve physician and staff knowledge of E/M and procedure coding.

Increase E/M coding and documentation competency to reduce audit risk.

Fulfill compliance program training requirements.

KZA’s On-Site Coding Education delivers on all of three of these, without requiring anyone on your team to travel.

When you add up airfare, hotel, meals, and incidentals, travel expenses for out of town training can run $500 or more per day, per person.  And that’s on top of tuition.

Learn from the Experts – In the Comfort of Your Own Office

For more than 38 years, KZA has been educating physicians and healthcare organizations to code correctly, document accurately, and bill appropriately according to federal, state, payor, and specialty society guidelines and regulations.

Our nationally recognized team of coding consultants understands specialty nuance. And our educational content is researched and cited from credible Federal, state, and payor sources.

KZA's Specialty Coding Expertise Includes:

KZA Offers

Surgical Specialty Coding and Reimbursement

This one-day workshop covers E/M coding and documentation, plus surgical case coding, payment analysis, and denial follow up techniques. Tips for improving the reimbursement process are provided throughout the program. The course is tailored to your specialty.

E/M Coding and Documentation

This half-day workshop covers E/M coding and documentation and includes principles for reducing audit risk.

Less expensive than sending your team and physicians off-site.

Less impact on physician productivity.

Learning as a team enhances the experience for all physicians and staff.

Course Material

You get more than the slides. KZA’s resource-rich workbooks include tools, templates, case examples, exercises, and citations. The workbook is so comprehensive that many clients tell us it’s the “coding Bible” they depend on, all year long.


Add KZA’s “Audit to Educate” Option

Identifying areas of possible non-compliance allows us to target our educational efforts and teach your physicians and team using your own documentation. We can review samples of your coding and documentation and customize the course materials with our notes and teaching points.

Looking for Remote Training?

We offer real-time instruction via Zoom. (Certain requirements apply.)

Your team assembles in one or more locations, logs in, and has visual access to the slide presentation. Audio is delivered in real-time by the KZA consultant, using virtual meeting software.

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