Coding Percutaneous Rods and Screws: Part 3

Coding Percutaneous Rods and Screws: Part 3

November 2, 2023

If percutaneous rods and screws are placed without a parent or primary code, for example as a staged procedure a different day after an ALIF or as the sole treatment for a vertebral fracture. I understand an unlisted code (22899, Unlisted procedure, spine) must be reported. What should be used as a comparative code to set the fee. The instrumentation codes, +22840, etc?

Yes, use the appropriate posterior instrumentation code as the comparative code but double your fee/charge. As add-on codes, the posterior instrumentation codes are valued only for intraoperative work as they are expected to be reported with a parent /primary code. Double your fee/charge to account for this additional work not included in the instrumentation add-on code.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 11/2/23.





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