Would your documentation pass an audit?  If you aren't sure, it's time to have it reviewed by an expert.

KZA is a trusted choice for auditing needs. Physicians, health systems, academic medical centers, and attorneys have engaged KZA to review physician coding and documentation for decades.

Our high ethical standards and internal quality assurance procedures ensure that your organization receives the most complete and accurate advice available, according to Federal, state, and payor guidelines.

KZA consultants have reviewed thousands of chart notes and operative reports. Our deep knowledge of specialty coding is unparalleled.

KZA Offers

Operative/Procedure Note Review

One of our nationally recognized coding experts reviews a select number of operative/procedure reports and the code(s)/modifier(s) billed for them. Each case is annotated with specific guidance for physicians and the practice team. You receive a written summary that includes our findings and recommendations for improvement.

Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services Review

A coding expert reviews a selected number of E/M services, the codes and modifiers billed for these services, and the associated documentation. The review may also include an analysis of your CPT frequency (usage) report using KZA’s proprietary E/M Analyzer tool. You receive a written summary that includes our findings and recommendations for improvement.

Hourly Coding Assistance

Engage KZA to answer individual coding questions, provide clarity about coding and documentation rules, or review case coding prior to submitting claims. Your practice establishes an account with KZA and submits questions by email or fax. A consultant provides written answers, scheduling phone time if needed to address or clarify issues. Your team has contact with the consultant for ongoing questions.


KZA's Specialty Coding Expertise Includes:

Add Our "Audit to Educate" Option

Identifying areas of possible non-compliance allows you to target educational efforts. KZA can integrate the results of the Coding and Documentation Review into a customized coding education program. The course content includes our annotated notes and teaching points for a powerful learning experience. This program can be delivered in your office or remotely.

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