KarenZupko & Associates

Advising Physicians to Succeed in the Business of Medicine.

A consulting and education firm that has advised physicians and healthcare organizations to increase revenue, optimize efficiency, reduce risk, and improve the patient experience for more than 35 years.

Led by International Thought Leader

Karen Zupko has been advising and educating physicians and healthcare managers for decades about the challenges and trends impacting the practice of medicine. Her pragmatic, entertaining, and action-oriented style inspires people to apply common sense and business rigor to improve profitability, efficiency, and the patient experience.

KZA Consultants Have Real-World Expertise

Our team includes nurses, former administrators, and physicians who have managed practices and academic departments and delivered patient care.

Our Philosophy

We believe it’s much healthier to show clients how to manage their own problems rather than contact a practice management “doctor” every time a minor problem arises.

We teach, coach, and empower physicians and managers to achieve organizational change and management success.

Core Services

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Practice Evaluation

A 360-degree review of your business operation.

Coding and Documentation Review

E/M and operative/procedure note review, and our “Audit to Educate” option.

Revenue Cycle Assessment

An evaluation of vital components that impact reimbursement systems and revenue.

Practice Check Up

A business systems overview using KZA’s standardized checklist.

Coding and Documentation Education

E/M and operative/procedure note review, and our “Audit to Educate” option.

RVU Analysis for Fees, Contracts, and Compensation

Fee schedule, managed care contract, and employment agreement evaluation.

Our Customers Are Specialty Physicians and Those Who Employ or Serve Them

Core Competency: Practice Management Consulting

KZA has delivered on-site practice consulting for 3,000+ practices in:

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