Coding for Office Visits, Procedures, and Inpatient Services


*agenda subject to change

7:15AM - 8:00AM

Check-in and Breakfast (provided)

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Evaluation and Management Coding and Documentation 

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement New in 2023
  • Medical Necessity
  • Physician Specialty Codes
  • E/M coding and documentation and guideline changes for Office and Hospital Services New in 2023
    • 2023 Deleted codes
    • Outpatient/office consultation code (99242-99245)
    • New and Established patient visits (99292-9215)
    • Emergency department (99282-99295)
    • Inpatient or observation consultation (99252-99255)
    • Hospital Inpatient and Observation Care Services (99221-99223, 99231-99233)
    • Hospital Inpatient Observation Care Services including Admission and Discharge Services (99234-99236)
    • Hospital Inpatient or Observation Discharge Services (99238-99239)

9:00AM - 10:00AM

Evaluation and Management Coding and Documentation (continued)

  • E/M code Determination
    • Medical decision making – problems addressed, data, risk
    • Time
    • E/M Modifiers and Commonly Performed Office Procedures (Modifier 24, 25 & 57)

10:00AM - 10:15AM


10:30AM - 11:30AM

Evaluation and Management Coding and Documentation (continued)

  • Define “incident to”, split/shared, and direct reporting – who can bill under which provider in a compliant manner
  •  E/M and procedure on the same day – risks and rewards
    • Cancer surveillance visits – both E/M and scope?
    • Removal of impacted cerumen (Note: cerumen removal will NOT be discussed during the Saturday course)
    • Diagnostic endoscopies: nasal endoscopy, flexible laryngoscopy, nasopharyngoscopy; endoscopic sinus debridement
    • Update on Telehealth Services (past, present and beyond) New

11:30AM - 12:00PM

Hands on E/M Case Coding New in 2023

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