Epistaxis Control

Epistaxis Control

January 4, 2018

Can you explain when to use 30901 and 31231 rather than 31238? I’m confused.

Sure! We discuss these codes in our national ENT coding workshop series (click here for future course dates/locations).  CPT 30901/30903 are used when you control epistaxis via means such as cautery but an endoscope is not used.  CPT 31238 is reported when the epistaxis is treated while you’re using an endoscope (ie, the scope and instrument to control epistaxis are parallel to each other in the nose).  CPT 31231 is a diagnostic code and may not be separately reported with either 30901/30903 or 31238 for services rendered at the same session due to the codes’ “separate procedure” designation by CPT.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 12/14/17.


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