Evidence Based Pricing Strategy for Plastic Surgeons — Winning the Price Wars

Aesthetic Society News – March 2018
by Karen Zupko, President

One area of practice administration where most plastic surgery practices make poor decisions is in how and when to disconnect their fees. Surgeons make responsible decisions caring for patients using evidence-based medicine ― yet fail to apply evidence-based management principles when it comes pricing their services.

Why is it that some plastic surgery practices choose to compete solely on price? Offering “we’ll match that quote!” language when answering prospective patient email inquiries ― from virtual strangers ― makes them look less professional and more like car dealers. Racing for the bottom is a no-win situation.

But the reality is, competition can be fierce and intimidating. Pricing is a key element of every product and service on the market. So, what insights can we gain from marketing experts? Perhaps borrowing some smart pricing strategies can enhance both your brand and your bottom line.

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