Facet Fusion

Facet Fusion

May 25, 2023

The neurosurgeon documents a placing a cervical “facet implant or intrafacet implant “ with bone graft. Is this coded as 22600, cervical arthrodesis?

No. This is coded with a Category III code, as shown below:

Facet Wedge or Dowel Arthrodesis (Intrafacet Implant)

Placement of a posterior intrafacet implant(s), unilateral or bilateral, including imaging and placement of bone graft(s) or synthetic device(s), single level

  • Cervical: 0219T
  • Thoracic: 0220T
  • Lumbar: 0221T
  • Additional level: +0222T
  • Includes fluoroscopy and any radiological service.
  • Includes bone graft, instrumentation and arthrodesis – do not report 0219T-0221T with +20930, +20931, 22600-22614, +22840, +22853, +22854, +22859 at the same level.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 05/25/23.





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