Five Advisors Every Surgeon Needs

Meet Amy Boyer
Amy Boyer, MBA

Five Advisors Every Surgeon Needs
Healio ⋅ Orthopedics Today – November 2017

by Amy Boyer, MBA

Wise individuals know their area of expertise and know when they need expert advice. For surgeons, building a team of trusted advisors is as important to their personal and professional success as building a team of top-notch employees is to the success of their practice.

Engage these five important advisors who can guide you throughout your career.

Health care attorney

Many surgeons starting out in practice will join a hospital or group as an employed physician. The employment agreement you will be offered is a legal document that sets the stage for your income potential and practice growth. Reviewing it is not the time for do-it-yourself or to ask a favor of your brother-in-law’s lawyer friend who practices family law. You will likely review an employment agreement fewer than five times in your career; hospitals and large medical groups have a team of people who do it daily. This is not the time to skimp. Hire a health care attorney to review the agreement and advise you on negotiations.

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