Five Reports for the Employed Physician to Review Monthly

Cheyenne Brinson, MBA, CPA

Five Reports for the Employed Physician to Review Monthly
Healio ⋅ Orthopedics Today – October 2017

by Cheyenne Brinson, MBA, CPA

Something we hear all too often from employed physicians is, “I’m just an employed physician.” Later, those same physicians are surprised when their contract is renegotiated at a lower salary.

High productivity isn’t everything; your employer must get paid for those services in order to support your salary. Savvy employed orthopedic surgeons routinely review billing office reports and keep abreast of payment issues.

Here are descriptions of five key reports for an employed surgeon to review monthly.

Productivity report

As you are likely compensated, in part, based on production, it is natural that your first inclination is to review productivity — a report that outlines the services that were generated by you during the month. Typically, this report shows CPT codes, frequency of the codes (the number of times billed), the value of work relative value units (RVUs), charges and payments.

Here is an example:

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