Four Proven Post-Consult Follow Up Techniques

Aesthetic Society News – Summer 2019 
by Karen Zupko

Turning callers and prospects into scheduled consults is a subject that receives a lot of attention. However, turning consult patients who didn’t book a surgery or treatment at the time of their consult into scheduled surgeries of treatments, receives very little attention at all.

Many patient care coordinators (PCCs) and medspa staff have a “call me when you are ready” closing style. They provide fees and other details, but stop there. This “wait and see” attitude does nothing to motivate patients to take any action. And if they eventually do get to the “call them” part, the conversation is banal and usually starts with, “I’m just following up to see if you want to schedule…”

There are better post-consult follow up techniques. Here are four that can yield results.

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