G Code Use for Moderate Sedation

December 13, 2016

I heard there is a new G code for moderate sedation but I don’t see it in the 2017 CPT manual. Is it not a 2017 code?

The G code you are referring to, G0500, is a Medicare-developed code intended for Medicare patients only so you will not find it in the CPT manual. While some private payers may choose to use this code, it is intended for Medicare patients. It is reported for the first 15 minutes of moderate sedation. For more information on the use of this G code, tune in for a webinar on December 14 to learn why these codes changed, how they are reported in 2017 and how this change will impact your reimbursement.

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For more detailed information about Medicare and private payer billing under these new guidelines, please join Teri Romano for a thirty minute Zipinar on December 15, 2017, focusing on the coding and reimbursement changes for endoscopy procedures.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 12/13/16.


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