Get Your House in Order: Prepare for Private Equity Acquisition

Orthopaedics Today – May 2019
by Wathen Strong

With ever-increasing amounts of private equity flowing into health care, orthopedic surgeons are being approached by firms offering capital infusion or partnership arrangements. If your group is considering going this route, ensuring your “house” is in good order will better position you for success. “Success” in this context means a premium offer. If your practice is not in optimal order, you risk a less than top tier offer or worse yet, you may cost yourself the deal in total. If the transaction does not happen, the internal evaluation process will improve the bottom line and practice efficiency, but that is not the goal. The goal is to close the deal and ensure the practice gets a maximum return. Do not let this window of opportunity close because you did not want to tackle subjects that might be unpleasant. Be clear eyed and ready to show the true value of your practice.

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