Hip Injection with Fluoroscopy

April 27, 2017

A physician in our group is taking the patient to the surgery center for a hip injection using fluoroscopy.   We know CPT code 20611 includes ultrasound guidance but is fluoroscopy also considered inclusive?  I am looking at CPT code 77002.

Thanks for your inquiry.  Your question is appreciated.  In reviewing the 2017 CPT Manual, we notice a revision to this code and a guideline parenthetical was added to CPT code 77002. The code was revised from a stand-alone CPT code to an add-on code. The guideline parenthetical lists primary surgical CPT codes where CPT code 77002 may be reported in addition to the procedure.  CPT code 20610 (major joint injection) is included in this list.

Assuming all documentation supports the hip injection with fluoroscopic guidance the following services are submitted:


77002-26 (the physician must add the modifier 26 as the procedure is performed in a facility location)

Assign anatomic modifiers according to payor policy.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 04/27/17.


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