How to Hire a Superstar Scribe

Cheryl Toth, MBA

Healio ⋅ Orthopedics Today – July 2018
by Cheryl Toth, MBA

If you have you been thinking about hiring a scribe to handle your electronic health record data entry, then you are not alone.

More physicians are hiring scribes to reduce administrative overload. Physicians who use them report improved quality of life, clinic efficiency and productivity. If U.S. industry estimates prove accurate, by 2020 there will be 100,000 medical scribes or one scribe for every nine physicians.

The three options for finding the right superstar to support you are develop one from within, recruit a scribe or engage a scribe service.

Grow your own
Start by looking at your staff for someone who is energetic, bright and looking for a new challenge.

Two years ago, Millennium Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, in Farmington, Michigan plucked a highly capable medical assistant (MA) from its ranks and groomed her to be the scribe for orthopedist Robert B. Kohen, MD. “We felt she would be a good fit,” office manager and billing supervisor Lee Sierocki, CPC, said. “She is a smart, high caliber employee who rarely misses a day of work,” according to Sierocki.

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