Modifiers on Unlisted Codes. Yes or No?

Modifiers on Unlisted Codes. Yes or No?

September 22 2022

Can I use modifiers on an unlisted code? What about global period modifiers such as 58, 78 or 79? It seems reasonable to append those modifiers to the unlisted code.

There is not a single right answer to this question. CPT said, in an old CPT Assistant, that generally modifiers are not appended to an unlisted code.

Payors have their own rules. For example, some payors will accept modifier 62 (two surgeons/co-surgery) on an unlisted code such as 64999 while other payors do not.
We would not append modifier 50 (bilateral procedure) to an unlisted code. Your base, or comparison code, should reflect modifier 50 and the associated increase in fee. The same is true for modifier 22.

We also would not append modifier 51 (multiple procedures) to an unlisted code. Let the payor take the discount.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 09/22/22



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