Neuroendovascular Procedure Coding

May 26, 2016

We are hiring a neurosurgeon who also does neuroendovascular procedures. We’ve never had to code for neuroendovascular procedures before – HELP!

Oh, that’s great! We think it is fun to learn something new! Here are the principles of neuroendovascular procedure coding – there are 4 types of codes: 1) diagnostic (e.g., angiogram), 2) interventional (e.g., aneurysm coiling), 3) catheterization (e.g., selective catheterization of the T2 spinal arteries), and 4) radiologic supervision and interpretation (e.g., 7xxxx codes). The key is knowing when to use which type of code and understand the necessary documentation. We offer a coding course specifically for neuroendovascular procedures. Please click here to contact us for more information. There are also some previously asked Q&As as well as a webinar on our website that might help you. Good luck!

*This response is based on the best information available as of 05/26/16.

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