New IVUS Codes 2016!!

February 2, 2016

I heard the intravascular ultrasound IVUS codes have been changed for 2016. What specific changes were made?

The IVUS codes, 37250 and the add–on code 37251 were deleted and replaced by codes 37252 and the add-on code 37253. The biggest change is that the radiological guidance codes, previously separately billable, are now bundled. Additionally, the new codes include transducer placement and manipulation and are also included in IVC filter placement/repositioning/removal. CPT guidelines also state that if lesion extends across the margins of one vessel into another, only a single IVUS code is reported, despite imaging more that open vessel.

The new codes are listed below.

CPT Code Description Comments
37252  Intravascular ultrasound (noncoronary vessel) during diagnostic evaluation and/or therapeutic intervention, including radiological supervision and interpretation; initial noncoronary vessel Replaces 37250
+37253 Each additional noncoronary vessel Replaces 37251

*This response is based on the best information available as of 02/2/16.

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