Open or Arthroscopic CPT Code

Open or Arthroscopic CPT Code

June 24, 2021

Our foot and ankle surgeon performed a right talar arthroscopic intraosseous bioplasty core decompression for an insufficiency fracture. We coded this with an unlisted procedure code, 29999.

Our hospital is instructing us that this is incorrect and we must report 28899, unlisted procedure foot or toes; they state this code is more specific.

Am I correct to stand my ground and report the unlisted arthroscopic code?

Thank you for your inquiry. KZA recommends the unlisted arthroscopic code, 29999, as this is the most specific code for the approach/technique used. We understand that 28899 is more specific to anatomic location and would report this code if the procedure was performed either open or percutaneously.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 06/24/21.



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