Orthopaedics: The Ins & Outs of Sports Medicine

This 1-hour course is designed for both seasoned and new Orthopaedic coders and will encompass a review of the most common ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes for Sports Medicine, comparison of the most common Open vs. Arthroscopic CPT codes for Sports Medicine, and coding scenarios for correct reporting of Arthroscopic procedures. This course will also outline the various coding guidelines for Sports Medicine with CPT, AAOS and Medicare as well as a review of knee, shoulder, hip anatomy and terminology. 

Course Description:
This course will review knee, shoulder, hip anatomy and terminology as well as the most common injury and musculoskeletal ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes for Sports Medicine.  Surgical coding concepts for Arthroscopy coding for Knee, Shoulder and Hip procedures will also be discussed.  Participants will gain an understanding of the differences in coding guidelines applicable in Sports Medicine with CPT, AAOS and Medicare. Participants will also work through hands-on case examples for knee, shoulder, and hip arthroscopy.

Course Learning Objectives:
• Review of knee, shoulder, hip anatomy and terminology
• Navigate and apply AAOS Global Service Data (GSD) and Medicare NCCI guidelines and CPT guidelines
• Review of chondroplasty, loose/foreign body, and synovectomy reporting
• Review of common ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes for Hip, Knee and Shoulder 


Marissa has over 24 years of experience in the healthcare industry in all areas of revenue cycle management with focus on prospective and retrospective auditing, compliance, and education. She has extensive experience in multi-specialty evaluation/management (E&M), surgical coding and auditing with a focus on educating physicians and mid-level providers on correct coding and documentation for compliant billing to maximize reimbursement.

61 minutes
Accredited for 1 CEU
*You will have access to the content for 30 days from the time you receive the access information.
Please email education@karenzupko.com if you have questions.

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