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On-Site / Remote Practice Management Training

High impact training  for managers and staff.

The most common deficiency we find when consulting with a client is a lack of training. We find this to be true regardless of specialty and geography. Lack of training is often the root cause of ineffective management, coding errors, sky-high receivables, poor customer service, areas of audit risk, and inefficient workflow.

Training Topics Include

Professional development of practice and billing office managers

Financial management

Collection at the point of service

Revenue cycle management

Customer service

5 Reasons to Hire KZA for On-Site/Remote Training

Practices have many training options to choose from – from hospital workshops, practice management trade groups, and specialty societies, to community college courses and online learning. Although all of these options provide some benefit, the value for the investment is much stronger with KZA’s practice management training services. 

Here’s why:

We combine business education with our knowledge of practice operations with our knowledge of your specialty. Very few trainers can boast the combination of all three.

Highly customized to your practice needs and professional development goals.

Small group and/or one-on-one instruction.

We get granular, using your own material. For example, we can walk through your A/R report, delivering specific teaching points and establishing action steps. Or, we can train your team to implement point of service and pre-surgical deposit collection by adapting your existing forms and workflow.

Your consultant is accessible after the training for questions.


Add KZA’s “Audit to Educate” Option

Identifying areas of possible non-compliance allows us to target our educational efforts and teach your physicians and team using your own documentation. We can review samples of your coding and documentation and customize the course materials with our notes and teaching points.

Looking for Remote Training?

We offer real-time instruction via Zoom. (Certain requirements apply.)

Your team assembles in one or more locations, logs in, and has visual access to the slide presentation. Audio is delivered in real-time by the KZA consultant, using virtual meeting software.

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