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ProceptionTM assesses how an individual solves problems and meets challenges, goes about influencing other people, and how he or she responds to the pace of the environment and rules and regulations set by others.

Staff members respond to the Style Analysis questionnaire; then ProceptionTM interprets these results through a detailed individual report. The report has broad applications for developing and retaining star performers. You will receive information about you, your staff, and your work styles, including:

  • Notable personality traits
  • Respondents’ strengths and weaknesses
  • A summary of the respondents’ ideal work environment
  • A checklist of “do’s” and “don’ts” for effective employer/employee communication
  • Projected possible behavior
  • Keys to how you can motivate, encourage and manage each employee

Completing the Style Analysis questionnaire takes 10-15 minutes. You will receive a 10-12 page report on each individual employee’s style, along with exercises to make your office a more productive and pleasant place to work.

ProceptionTM is an exciting process of self-discovery and self-awareness for both you and your staff. Let us help you learn how to develop your style of managerial success!

Email KZA if you’d like to receive a letter of agreement to set up access to ProceptionTM.

What You’ll Learn

Outstanding traits
Strengths, weaknesses
Ideal work environment
Projected job behavior
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