Judy Kozlicki

Serving as the Executive Director at Omni Cosmetic, Judy plays a major role in business expansion, operational improvements, and staff development.  Through her commitment to this role, she has helped Omni grow the team by 35% (in less than two years), increase surgical and non-surgical provider utilization, and improve the company’s profitability by 30% year over year.  Since joining Omni, they have added a third surgeon and now have plans to expand with an additional operating room, overnight stay suite and surgeon #4.

Judy has been in the medical aesthetic industry for over 15 years.  Before joining the Omni team, Judy was the Executive Director at Yarish Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX.  She originally met Dr. Yarish while serving as the National MedSpa Manager for LifeTime Fitness, opening 32 locations in 20 states.  In this role she began with one “beta site” and then worked with legal, design, marketing, HR and all capital equipment and product vendors to scale the MedSpa business.  Judy was responsible for hiring all Medical Directors and the “best in class” providers for each location.  In addition, Judy spearheaded several substantial MedSpa acquisitions for LifeTime Fitness.

Recognizing her understanding of the industry and ability to connect with plastic surgeons in numerous markets, Judy was chosen as an Inaugural Member of the Allergan MedSpa Advisory Board.  A self-described conduit, Judy is an industry professional who is passionate about empowering others, building teams, and helping surgeons grow their practices.