Dr. Jeff Weintraub

Dr. Weintraub is a practicing board certified emergency physician with nearly 25 years of emergency department professional coding expertise. With his extensive knowledge of physician practice management, he understands the complexity of professional coding, current guidelines and clinician charting requirements to optimize documentation, coding and reimbursement.

As business manager for his emergency physician group, he successfully implemented and managed a novel hospital-employed physician private practice plan focused on incentivized compensation which enhanced staff and patient satisfaction. This system was built on a foundation of impeccable documentation and coding, thereby maximizing revenue.

An expert in chart analysis, clinician onboarding, and setting up systems within the constraints of electronic health records to improve documentation efficiency and overall revenue, Dr. Weintraub facilitates collaboration between all members of the medical team, with a specific focus on strengthening and supporting the intricate relationship between the clinicians and medical coders.

A passionate, enthusiastic and engaging educator, he has received multiple teaching awards and has the ability to transform even the most complex of topics into easily understandable information.

As a result of his many years of clinical practice coupled with his experience as business manager and educator, he provides an invaluable and unique set of skills allowing him to best serve his clients.

Dr. Weintraub is a graduate of Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medical College. He completed the prestigious emergency medicine residency program at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. He earned his MBA with a concentration in health care management from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, further strengthening his knowledge and skills required to best understand health care in a competitive professional environment and equipping him to address health care’s current and future challenges.

He spends his free time running, traveling, spending time with family, and working on an array of personal finance topics including taxation, investing, and retirement planning.