Michael R. Marks, MD


Dr. Marks is an innovative problem solver who brings more than 30 years of practical experience to each engagement. He draws on his broad leadership experiences as a clinician, administrator, and physician executive when working with clients. He fully understands the need for collaborative relationships to achieve success and create win-win solutions.

For more than 15 years, he has been a communications mentor for the Institute for Healthcare Communications (IHC) providing instruction in three communication skill courses including telemedicine skills that are necessary for today’s clinicians in a patient-centric healthcare environment. He is a Master Trainer for Team STEPPS (AHRQ).

Dr. Marks has recognized the importance of accurate coding and how it relates to the bottom line for more than 20 years. He has assisted the Connecticut Orthopaedic Society in its sponsorship of CPT workshops, and from 2011-2014 served on the AAOS Coding, Coverage and Reimbursement Committee where he proctored AAOS-KZA workshops.

From 2010 through 2014, Dr. Marks was the Vice President of Business Development for Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut, where he oversaw the employed physicians’ group, marketing department, occupational health services, and helped the institution and medical staff prepare for the conversion to ICD-10. In 2015, he assisted KZA clients in their transition to ICD-10 implementation.

Since 2018, he has been Senior Medical Director, Relievant Medsystems, Inc where he oversees reimbursement and prior authorization processes and assists with clinical issues.

Throughout his seasoned career, he has continued a clinical presence, seeing patients in a regional indigent orthopaedic clinic. Dr. Marks has more than 225 scientific presentations, instructional lectures, and media appearances on health-related topics.

Dr. Marks received his B.S. (Biology-Chemistry-Sociology) from Union College, Schenectady, New York. He then attended George Washington University Medical School for his medical degree and remained there for his orthopaedic residency. He completed a spine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He has been Board Certified in Orthopaedics since 1990. In 2001, he obtained his MBA from the University of Tennessee to acquire the skills necessary to meet the healthcare challenges of the 21st Century.