Put Your Best Face (and Breasts and Body) Forward How to Showcase Your Surgical Results with Clinical Photography

Aesthetic Society News – Winter 2018
by Amy Boyer, MBA

Every plastic surgeon knows that photography is an essential part of a cosmetic surgery practice. Early in practice you probably created a photo consent form and instructed your staff to get before-and-after surgery photos of every patient. You may have purchased special photo storage software, and at some point someone assembled the best photos to put on the practice website and in a book to be viewed in the office.

You did these things, because you understand that photos are a powerful tool for showing prospective patients the realistic results one can anticipate in the care of your skilled hands. In a survey by RxPhoto, 42.9% of consumers said that the photo gallery is the first page they visit on a practice’s website. Additionally, they serve as an important component of the medical record, documenting the surgical changes and providing a defense against allegations of improper or inadequate surgery.

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