Reimbursement: Assistant Surgeon

September 29, 2016

What is the reimbursement for an assistant surgeon using modifier 80? Is the payment different for the primary and the assistant? What about a PA or nurse practitioner who assists at surgery?


An assistant surgeon is described as one surgeon, of the same or a different specialty, providing assistance during a surgical procedure or CPT code.

Modifier 80 (modifier 82 for an assistant surgeon in an academic setting when a qualified resident is not available) is appended to any CPT code the assistant participates in. Medicare reimburses 16% of the allowable for the assistant surgeon (modifier 80 or 82) and multiple procedure/bilateral procedure reductions also apply. The primary surgeon’s reimbursement is not affected. In an assistant surgeon scenario, the assistant need not and should not dictate a separate note. However, it is critical that the primary surgeon document in his/her note, specifically what the assistant did. Stating an assistant was needed because the case was complex is not sufficient. The primary surgeon must state what the assistant did, for example, assisting with positioning and retraction, surgical closure, etc. When a physician assistant or nurse practitioner assists in surgery, Medicare reduces their reimbursement by 15% of what a physician would be paid for assisting, and Medicare directs us to designate a PA or NP service using modifier AS (instead of modifier 80).

Keep in mind, Medicare does not allow payment for assistant support for all surgical CPT codes. For private payers, coding guidelines and payment rates may vary.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 09/29/16.



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