Repair of Nasal Vestibular Stenosis

February 2, 2016

I am trying to come up with the right CPT codes for this procedure so we can get it precertified. Can you help?

Yes, you are wise to determine the correct codes for precertification, otherwise the surgery might not be paid if you billed different codes.  Look at 30465 – Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis (e.g., spreader grafting, lateral nasal wall reconstruction).  You may also report a separate code if you harvest graft material through a separate incision.  For example, you may report 20912 (Cartilage graft; nasal septum) if you harvest septal cartilage graft when you have not performed a septoplasty at the same operative session.  If you did a septoplasty (30520) and repair of nasal vestibular stenosis (30465) then you may not report 20912 for the septal cartilage graft harvested/obtained from the septoplasty.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 02/2/16.

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