Reporting 75630 with Extremity Angiograms

Reporting 75630 with Extremity Angiograms

December 2, 2021

Can code 75630, aortogram, be reported with a unilateral or bilateral extremity angiogram (75710 of 75716)?

No. This would constitute double billing of the extremity angiograms. As shown below, code 75630 includes an aortogram and visualization and interpretation of bilateral lower extremity arteries via a run-of. For this code, a catheter is advanced to the infra-renal aorta and, without moving the catheter farther down the aorta or in one of both extremities, a run-off of contrast provides imaging of the both extremities to include the iliac and femoral arteries.

Code 75625 is for an aortogram, only. Code 75710 or 75716 is reported in addition to 75625 if the catheter is moved to the aorta bifurcation or into one of both extremities, providing additional imaging of one or both legs.

75630 Aortography, abdominal plus bilateral iliofemoral lower extremity


75625 Aortography, abdominal, non-selective
75710 Angiography, arm/leg (Unilateral)
75716 Angiography, arm/leg (bilateral)

*This response is based on the best information available as of 12/02/21




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