RVU Compensation:
Are You Getting Credit Where It is Due?

Getting paid based upon clinical care seems both equitable and motivational. Yet, the resounding refrain from employed physicians re-negotiating their contracts is that productivity-based compensation is not working for them. They are working harder than ever, only to hear that their wRVUs are not meeting expectations.

Often, there is a disconnect between the work surgeons perceive they are doing and the wRVUs (and resulting revenue) the employer reports.

The reasons are complicated and include:

  • The terms of the original contract. Focusing solely on the dollar amount per wRVU can be problematic. The conversion factor is only one factor influencing your compensation. 
  •  Understand what significantly impacts your wRVU calculation. For example, who is doing the final coding? What codes were ultimately submitted, paid, or appealed?  Are you credited for work performed or only for services that are paid? How do payor discounting formulas impact RVU credit? 
  • Does your work RVU count match your employer’s?  Learn how to use Code-X software to track surgical work RVUs. 

Hospital employment for surgeons should be a mutually beneficial proposition for the surgeon and the institution if the correct processes are adopted by both stakeholders.

There is a notorious disconnect between the work surgeons perceive they are doing and the wRVUs (and resulting revenue)  the employer reports.   

Join us for a complimentary hour long webinar to learn why problems occur, where to look for “leaks”  and some definitive steps to take to address the main issues. 


Sarah is an experienced, professional, approachable consultant and speaker who succeeds in helping clients identify both risk and opportunity in their coding, reimbursement, and operational systems.

AAOS Coding Portfolio Manager Madelaine Reese will join the webinar to demonstrate how Code-X can help surgeons and their staff submit accurate claims.

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