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Pre-Employment Screening Can Improve Decision-Making

Select is an efficient, cost-effective screening tool that provides objective information about a potential employee, and can also create an objective comparison between candidates during the hiring process.

Select measures: 

  • Productive Attitude: a positive expectation about people, the company and work-related outcomes.
  • Energy: activity level and stamina.
  • Frustration Tolerance: emotional resilience.
  • Acceptance of Diversity: tolerance of others different from self.
  • Integrity/Work Ethic: a work ethic oriented measure of personal integrity.
  • Optional versions of SELECT tests measure
  • Math and other abilities
  • Attitudes about or self-reported
    • Drug use 
    • Carelessness about safety
    • Theft

Select runs right from an Internet site. You’ll be sent link when you complete your purchase connecting you with a questionnaire for a candidate to complete. It takes less than 20 minutes for a candidate to complete the questionnaire, and you get quick results. Select is even fine-tuned to deliver results for specific job functions; for example, Reception, Healthcare, and Customer Service. Reports are $25.00 each and may be ordered with or without a math aptitude component for an additional $3.00.

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